Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Man chosen by Lloyd-Weber and promoted by CBC is arrested

In what appears to be a rather funny occurrence, the main character in a TV show heavily promoted by CBC, How do you solve a problem like Maria?, showed some crass misjudgement by allowing himself to be part of a real-life drama. Another man accused him of a serious lack of judgement and as a result he is charged with assault and forcible confinement, according to the National Post (1).

Simon Lee, 46, was selected to the 4 person judge panel by Andrew Lloyd-Weber, with whom he has previously collaborated. What makes this incident funny is that a man who was chosen to be a judge on a panel that has "problem solving" in its title does not appear to be capable of sensible judgement in his own private life.
According to a woman eating brunch at the adjacent One Restaurant, a “horrifying yelling and screaming” match between two men could be heard from one of the hotel rooms, late Sunday morning. A computer bag was dropped to the road and a man climbed out the window, over the balcony ledge and scaled down to the restaurant patio.

“The guy starts climbing over the balcony, and he’s yelling and screaming at the other fellow. He crawled over the balcony and then proceeds to scale down the wall to the next level balcony,” one brunch goer, who did not want her name to be used, told the National Post. “He’s obviously looking for something to jump onto, and he sees one of the tables in the restaurant. So he jumps on to one of the tables.”

The woman said the man stormed off, leaving the brunchers stunned, before returning without a shirt about 10 minutes later and yelling at the restaurant patrons that he had forgotten something. Police who had been called to the scene spoke to the man in the back of a cruiser, she said. Police later took a well-dressed older man with glasses into custody.
A Libertarian believes in freedom but also in taking responsiblity. Sadly, this "judge" behaviour is eerily similar to that of other judges, who actually went to law school..


Judge for CBC’s ‘Maria’ arrested after alleged assault, confinement at posh Yorkville hotel

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