Monday, August 30, 2010

Rubicon. Cross it off your list.

Rubicon entered on my radar only because it was mentioned with the Emmies. Then I looked into it and started to like it.

rubiconThe 62nd Emmies came and went, Mad Men cleaned again in the “drama” category, Daily Show won over Bill Maher and Colbert and Conan again for variety and Modern Family wins for comedy. And somehow, among all these great brands, I’ve heard Rubicon mentioned. So I had a look (you can do that too, see the trailers and sneak previews below).

I’m not much of a conspiracy theorist, but I like to “keep an eye of things”. For the most part, such theories are a waste of time. You do not know and cannot know if they are true, it’s best to not to worry about what you don’t / cannot know. However, I would like to live in a country where events such as Pearl Harbor or 9/11 (NYC, not Chile) could not be “allowed” to happen, nor could a suspicion exist.

This series follows our hero, an information addict with the intelligence to process it, as he works at a think-tank modeled on the American Enterprise Institute. Following the lead of the 70s conspiracy theory films (The Parallax View, Three Days at the Condor etc), the series features our guy stumbling upon and slowly unraveling a major conspiracy – a small group of people playing an important role in world events. So important is this organization that when they decide to do away with one member, they send him a 4-leaf clover; that person then commits suicide, as they would not want their family to suffer the invisible hand’s full wrath.

The title sends us to that Italian river, who crossing is the equivalent to the point of no return. In the time of the Republic, no army was allowed to cross. Breaking this law was an act of war punishable by death. When Caesar crossed it in 49 BC, it essentially meant that the Roman Republic had started its transformation into an empire.

If you ever wondered if USA is evil or if the world could’ve been a better place had the land of freedom stayed out of all wars and kept a low military profile but a high economic one, well, this series is for you.

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