Monday, November 16, 2015

Toronto European Film Festival 2015

#euff2015 With the recent bad news coming from the heart of Europe (the Paris Attacks), a film festival sponsored by the European Union is a welcome diversion. And Toronto is the perfect host, seeing that this city seems to have at least one film festival going on at any given time.

2015-eu-film-festivalIndeed, around the same time as this festival, we have Rendez-Vous with Madness (edge, mental health & addiction) November 6-14, Toronto Polish Film Fest 11th-15th, and, though not really a film fest, Taste of Iceland, for those who like to travel with their palates rather than their eyes (12th to 15th).

I doubt I’ll be able to make it to the other festivals, but I always try to watch the European movies in this festival. They are all shown at, 608 College St only once at 6:30pm and then 8pm.

Let me share my notes on the movies worth seeing: I’ll link the title to the main website, the country to the trailer, the IMDB rating (out of 10)-voters to that site and the time to alternative sources such as Amazon if available or magnet link if listed.

  1. Alias LonerLV, 4.8-5, 90min, Drama B&W, Nov 14 8:30pm. The movie is almost a documentary on a catholic priest hopelessly leading partisans against the Soviet / communist occupation in 1945 and the subsequent Stalinist repression. Directorial debut. *
  2. Liza the Fox-FairyHU, 8-2463, 98min, RomCom, Nov 15 6pm. Amelie speaks Hungarian and understands Japanese. I enjoyed this movie. *
  3. Sworn VirginIT, 6.4-260, 84min, Drama, Nov 15 8:30pm. I missed this movie due to lack of time and unfortunately I doubt I will ever see it. Nice introduction to the Albanian culture / society from an Italian viewpoint and framework.
  4. Dark HorseUK, 7.5-126, 85min, Documentary, Nov 16 6pm.
  5. The GrumpFI, 7-973, 104min, Comedy/Drama, Nov 16 8:30pm.
  6. CommittedCY, 6.1-429, 90min, RomCom, Nov 17 6pm.
  7. The Sinking of SozopolBG, 7.1-51, 100min, Drama Mystery, Nov 17 8:30pm. *
  8. HostageSK, 6.1-32, 97min, Comedy/Drama, Nov 18 6pm.
  9. OfflineBE, 7.1-607, 110min, Drama, Nov 18 8:30pm. *
  10. CowboysHR, 7.2-643, 105min, Comedy, Nov 19 6pm. *
  11. The Enemy WithinGR, 6.9-349, 107min, Thriller, Nov 19 8:30pm. *
  12. Saul and Paul Robbed Them AllLI, 7-83, 100min, Action/Comedy, Nov 20 6pm. *
  13. Wild LifeFR, 6.5-307, 102min, Drama, Nov 20 8:30pm.
  14. ElternDE, 6.7-274, 90min, Comedy, Nov 21 6pm. A newer movie also turned up while searching for Eltern: Dora oder Die Sexuellen Neurosen Unserer Eltern (2015).
  15. The Keeper of Lost CausesDK, 7.1-11126, 100min, Crime/Mystery/Thriller, Nov 21 8:30pm. Based on a book. *
  16. NobleIE, 6.5-391, 100min, Biography/Drama, Nov 22 6pm.
  17. Cats Don’t Have VertigoPT, 7.4-677, 124min, Comedy/Drama, Nov 22 8:30pm. *
  18. FeverAT, 6.1-17, 87min, Drama, Nov 23 6pm.
  19. AdmiralNL, 7.2-3559, 120min, Action/Adventure/Biography, Nov 23 8:30pm. *
  20. To See the SeaCZ, 7-176, 90min, Comedy/Drama/Family, Nov 24 6pm. *
  21. 1944EE, 7.4-1555, 100min, Drama/War, Nov 24 8:30pm. *
  22. HemmaSE, 6.8-207, 90min, Drama, Nov 25 6pm. *
  23. Class EnemySI, 7.9-1319, 112min, Drama, Nov 25 8:30pm. *
  24. A Love Story: LindenfeldRO, 7.4-12, 95min, Drama, Nov 26 6pm. *
  25. Black DiamondsES, 6.3-179, 110min, Drama, Nov 26 8:30pm.
  26. SimsharMT, 7.1-109, 101min, Drama, Nov 27 6pm. *
  27. BodyPO, 6.6-516, 90min, Comedy/Drama, Nov 27 8:30pm.
  28. Baby(A)loneLU, 6.2-12, 98min, Drama, Nov 28 6pm. *

I added a star (*) to the movies I have or will try to watch. Also, on the desktop, hovering with the mouse over movie links will reveal a summary, but it probably won’t work on mobile.

Sources / More info: EUFF, rvm, ToPoFF, IsNat

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