Thursday, September 22, 2016

Randall Barrs shooting

The shooting of a criminal lawyer in downtown Toronto in broad daylight has left many of us scratching our heads. Let’s try to add to the speculation, shall we?

RandallBarrsNot since Michael Bryant killed a bicyclist in the posh Yorkville neighbourhood and left the scene has Toronto seen this unsavory intersection of law and crime.

To recap (tst), on Tuesday, September 20, Grayson Delong, 51, dressed as a construction worker, driving a stolen car with stolen license plates opened fire on criminal lawyer Randall Barrs, 66. As the victim was trying to get to safety, Grayson stopped to fire more on the lawyer. At that point, a plainclothes police officer from an outer region surrounded the attacker and shot him.

Both survived and are recovering, Randall from bullet wounds to his legs.

This story has caused Michele Mandel to ask in Toronto Sun (tsu) whether this was a contract killing.

My answer (based, obviously, on pure speculation and no additional information other than what I’ve read in the press) is NO.

Contract killers don’t get caught. Contract killers don’t need to fire so many bullets only to hit the lower body.

What has happened most likely is that the police officers conducting surveillance on Grayson Delong were there for a different reason, quite possibly investigating the report of stolen license plates or stolen car. They were taken by surprise by the shooting.

It is also difficult to ascertain why would someone go after a criminal lawyer. These guys try to defend criminals and keep the free. They get paid handsomely for this, but whether they manage to do their job by corrupting the justice process or by making sure that the prosecution and police are following the rules, they’re not blamed when they fail. Rather, I would think that convicted criminals end up blaming the system, police, prosecution or the judge.

I’m guessing Randall has been shot for a different reason, other than his profession, or the shooter had ties to law enforcement or may have been a cop himself. I suspect we will soon find out more.

Sources / More info: tst, tsu

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