Monday, November 30, 2009

Anti-minarets Switzerland

In a rather ugly turn of events, Switzerland voted to ban minarets. How could this happen in the happy, relaxed, almost libertarian S.?

Perhaps rather than considering this an isolated, weird incident, it should be considered within the wider context of Muslim immigration, which is upsetting most Europeans. According to those holding racists and xenophobic views Hitler managed to “clear” Europe of Jews, who took over USA. They call US government “ZOG”, or Zionist Occupied Government. Yet most Jews integrated well in USA, as the biggest wave of Jews settlement started before WW2. The business of hate is not doing well in USA. It is doing far better in Europe, where the new wave of Muslim migration is rather large and poorly integrated. European Muslims are kept at the periphery of the society and as such, extremist propaganda finds fertile ground, further justifying in the eyes of the majority Muslims’ isolation and discrimination.

Anti-minaret poster

“More than 57% of voters and 22 out of 26 cantons - or provinces - voted in favour of the ban.”

Swiss Minaret

Switzerland is a very advanced direct democracy, known for quickly implementing laws and regulations through referendum. The adoption of decidedly anti-Islamic laws is not an isolated occurrence, but rather the expression of a generalized xenophobic and intolerant sentiment in the old continent. Austria, as ever, led the way through one of the first (if not the very first) openly racist, jingoistic and nationalist government in the 90’s. In France, the debate centered around laicism, their brand of secularism, and the interdiction of religious symbols. The conflict between the "old people" conservatism and the "social" conservatism of the socialist government (a subtle contradiction in terms) has resulted in the Paris riots.

Why the conflict? Europe is dying. The population is getting older and the birthrate is lower than the death rate. Meanwhile, as it always is the case with poor people whose women are abused, the Muslim population is exploding. Therefore, the once tolerant and open old Europe has its “Fall of the Roman Empire” ancestral fears stirred up again.

The Swiss People Party (SVP) is no stranger to controversy. It reflects the fears and insecurities of a middle and lower class which feels threatened by the rise of the Muslim migration. Over 20% of the population is now foreign and most are not and will not become citizens, even those born there.

SVP-Black-Sheep A recent study by the Federal Department for Foreigners found that while, at first glance, foreigners appear to be committing more crime than the Swiss, foreigners, especially young men, are also more likely to be charged - whereas young Swiss may be let off with a caution for the same offence. The study also found that young foreigners living in Switzerland were more likely to be unemployed and living in socially deprived backgrounds, than the Swiss.

SVP is at it again, this time pushing through a ban on minarets in the Zurich city council. Switzerland is home to 3-400000 Muslims who make up only 4% of the population. It has hundreds of mosques but only FOUR have minarets in the country.

The strong reaction to what small communities see as Islamic intransigence has engulfed not only Europe, but also small-town Quebec.

Hérouxville made international headlines after its city council approved a long list of rules that, among other edicts, forbids women from covering their faces in schools, bans female circumcision, and explains the tradition of Christmas trees. (…)

Hérouxville leaders had no choice but to create the code because Quebec has its head in the sand when it comes to the delicate subject of accommodating immigrants, said Mario Dumont, leader of Action démocratique du Québec.

"Anybody who looks at the way things are evolving in the last year or so, it's obvious that things are slipping."

It now seems that these communities are trying to protect the values of liberal democracy by becoming more bigoted and intolerant. Is this really a winning direction?

A few centuries ago, the main receivers of hate were the Gypsies and the Jews. Today we find the Roma (Gypsies New Generation) and Arabs / Muslims in this unenviable position. Little has changed.

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  1. ...Continuation

    Anyone who thinks that it is even remotely possible to achieve co-existence between liberty and Islam is either totally ignorant or a fool.

    Given the evolution of the population of Europe, it is a mathematical certainty that - without any drastic and so far totally unimaginable change - Muslims WILL become the majority population of Europe within the next 50 years.

    Anyone who doesn't see that is exactly like those who didn't understand the threat of Communism or Nazism in the 1920/30s.

    This situation has been created by the European governments by not just "tolerating" immigration but by SUBSIDIZING it - massively - and specifically from Muslim countries. This has nothing to do with the Libertarian concept of free migration, which does NOT condone government aid to those who migrate.

    Muslims exploit the Western tradition of freedom to impose Fascism. Intentionally! Most Muslim immigrants are NOT individuals who migrate for their own benefit, but they are TROOPS sent to invade a hostile territory, a fact that has been openly admitted by several Muslim leaders. They even BRAG about it!

    Now no Libertarian can be retarded enough to believe that freedom can grow under hostile attacks, especially when there is not even a defensible front line.



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